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Informations and Policies

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Cleaning Services

Upon your arrival you will find the houses completely clean and sanitized.
It is possible to book additional cleaning during the week
It is possible to book a “quick” cleaning of the house (making beds, tidying up bathrooms).
towels and vacuum cleaners) at a cost of 140 euros for the 14-seater version and 180 for the 18-seater version.
For “complete” cleaning (which also includes changing sheets and changing towels) at a cost of 280 euros for the 14-seater version and 360 for the 18-seater version.
The cleaning service must be booked 24 hours in advance and, as it may disturb your privacy, it is possible to do so only in the morning when the outings are scheduled

Water saving

Due to the drought that is affecting southern Europe, some measures have been put in place in Italy to save water. It is therefore advisable to welcome guests to contribute to water saving in order to avoid being left without water, with its disadvantages.
We therefore recommend:

  1. Short-term showers trying to optimize the water
  2. Wash dishes and glasses with dishwasher on a loaded surface
  3. Make full-load washing machines
  4. Check the correct closing of the taps
  5. Try to reduce the use of flushes
  6. Pool also requires water, its consumption depends on evaporation and
    dispersion … try to limit the number of dives !!!

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Separate Collection

In order to facilitate the correct disposal of waste, our guests are invited to carry out separate collection.
In your house you will find containers for the separate collection of

Organic – Plastic – Paper – Indifferentiated – Glass

Guests are requested to dispose of the waste in the appropriate bins located in the car park, it will then be the task of
the structure to dispose of the waste in the day and in the correct manner.
Only the glass must be disposed of directly by the guests in the glass bells placed along the main streets of the villages.
In order to respect other guests, to avoid unpleasant smells or the attraction of wild animals, we recommend that you
store your rubbish daily

Regulations for the use of the swimming pool

Users are required to comply with the following rules:
• The maximum number of swimmers present in the area at the same time must not exceed 22 people
• The use of the swimming pool is permitted exclusively to guests of the farmhouse
• private swimming pool for collective use and the use of the swimming pool is reserved exclusively for guests of the Agriturismo
• . The swimming pool is available every day from 9:00 to 20:00 to allow for routine maintenance by the staff. If you wish to use the swimming pool outside these times you must ask the staff for permission.
• Guests are advised that ASSISTANCE FOR BATHERS IS NOT PROVIDED and that use of the swimming pool is at one’s own risk, therefore users must be able to know how to do so.
• Access to unaccompanied minors under 18 is prohibited
• The depth of the pool varies between 120 cm and 240 cm (pay attention to the entrance steps)
• Diving is prohibited
• In case of adverse weather conditions (thunderstorms, strong winds, etc.) access to the pool area is prohibited
• It is recommended not to get wet if three hours have not passed since consuming the meal
• The use of rubber slippers when walking barefoot is mandatory
• It is mandatory to wear a cap, take a shower and use the foot bath before entering the tub
• It is forbidden to climb over fences and introduce animals
• The closest toilets are located inside the individual housing units
• It is strictly forbidden to introduce bottles or other glass containers into the pool
• Guests are required to maintain appropriate and appropriate behavior while respecting other people present.
• Guests are asked not to leave wallets and property items unattended
• Guests who do not respect this regulation will be kindly removed from the pool.
• Guests can use the swimming pool in complete autonomy, as long as the regulations are respected.
The management declines any responsibility for failure to comply with the rules indicated in this regulation. In any case the structure is exempt from any civil and criminal liability during use

(Article 10 of the Tuscany Regional Law N.8/2006)